Sage (Salvia officinalis), the miraculous herb

sage herb -

Its Latin name “Salvia” means healthy. Its older Greek name “sfakos” means spasm, so they knew that sage could be much help to it. Meet the magical sage!

Sage is an herb much appreciated by the ancients as its antique names indicate. Not only can it calm down spasms, but it also helps the digestive organs and detoxifies the body. Ancient physician Galen and his colleagues suggested sage beverage for the ladies in pain during their period. The physicians would also use it to make hemostatic bandages for wounds.

If you like cooking, add a small sprig of sage to chicken or pork. A small 4cm sprig with its leafs will be enough for two portions. Your food will get a superb smell and it will be also easier digestible.

You can also make warm or cold sage beverages with honey. The antibacterial elements contained in its leafs soothe the irritated throat. And far more importantly, recent studies have proven what the ancients suspected: sage will improve your memory and help you focus when you have mental work to do.

Theophrastus, Aristotle’s student, tells us that sage is the coronary herb because it can cleanse the illness of the body. And that is why ancient Greeks and Romans used it in their bath water. You can even use it to wash out your hair and it will become softer and shinier.

If you live in an area with mild and dry climate, you won’t find it hard to cultivate this charming bush of sage. You will see that its care will require no time almost.


Freshness at home

Boil water and add dried sage (2 table spoons for each liter), turn off the stove, cover the pot and leave it there until it cools to room temperature. You can then dip soft cotton cloths, and after you drain them, use them to clean all the surfaces in your house (furniture, kitchen bench, closets, doors etc.). Make sure to dust all the surfaces before applying the cloth. Your home will have a great ambience and sage also functions as a light disinfectant.

If you’d like an even more intense aroma, you can pour a few drops of the essential oil Sandalwood into the water (once it’s cold).

A healthy snack based on ancient dietary habits

Prepare a sage beverage (1 tea spoon per cup) and add half a tea spoon of honey, preferably thyme honey.

Rye rusk with Feta cheese, olives, olive oil and oregano will accompany your beverage perfectly.

All these products can be found everywhere in Greece, but if you live in another country you might have to look for them in a shop with Greek products.

Flavored wine

It is a drink that will improve your mood. So make sure, you always keep a bottle for the rainy days…

What you’ll need

1 liter sweet or semi-sweet red wine

60 grams dried sage

Leave the dried sage leafs inside the bottle for at least 10 days. Then strain it and pour the wine into a glass bottle and seal it carefully. Easy like that, you have yourself a tasteful flavored drink to boost your mood. Have 1-2 drinks after each meal.

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