Welcome to GRethexis

Welcome to GRethexis,

The website that seeks to promote the values of the Ancient Greek world and to encourage the readers to take advantage of them in their everyday life. To inspire people who love knowledge, no matter if they are highly educated or not.

Methexis (participation) in the Hellenic way of thinking is a wonderful journey into a charming place full of endless choices. We will present you these choices and it’s up to you to pick the path that suits you best. All of them lead to knowledge about ourselves and the world we live in, so that we can improve in handling our life successfully.

Starting with the birth of the Ancient Greek civilization we will explore the life course of wise people during the centuries since. We will observe the survival of Hellenic values and how they developed during the eras to follow. We will redefine the present by studying the development of the Hellenic tradition within different periods of time, up until today. We will get to know those who later on built upon the Hellenic cornerstone and created the European tradition and the modern Western civilization. By understanding the principles and values this civilization was built on, we have a better chance of preserving it for our own good and for the generations to follow.

Who knows which General, which god, which hero has something important to tell you? Who knows if the one and only idea you need to free yourself from a dead-end is hidden in an imaginative battle plan, or in the unexpected twist of a theatrical play, or in the reasoning of a sneaky orator of the Athenian court. Our world nowadays is very different to the Ancient world, but our ambitions, our needs and our problems are just about the same. So we open the door that leads us back to the birth of great ideas and we let ourselves be taken care of by the best.

Welcome and enjoy the journey!