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If you are one of the people who don’t care much for the strictness of religion and its endless rules, but you are charmed by a free quest in the world of gods, try to enrich your everyday life with such a quest and benefit from it.

Greek gods don’t ask for obedience, they don’t give commands and they don’t ask us to sacrifice the joys of life in return for a next life. In contrary, they can broaden the horizons of our perception and can become a valuable ally in every moment of our short life, which in the modern world often passes us by before we even have the chance to feel that we have lived. In addition, you can choose your personal god all by yourself.

You don’t have to declare faith to these gods; simply, because they don’t need it. Ancient Greeks, when referring to their relation to the gods, use verbs as “celebrate” and “honor” (“timo” and “sevome”), and less often “worship” and “care” (“latrevo” and “therapevo”), which over the years ended up meaning medical care.

As entities that express natural forces and abstract concepts, gods of ancient Greece can benefit our lives today, if we are ready to discover their nature and essence. We don’t expect them to do something for us, but we on our own can draw strength from the qualities and actions they symbolize. As you will see, no matter how usual or unusual you are, there is a deity who concentrates all the things you need to free your strengths and talents. Just try to get to know them well, choose your personal god and let him be a part of your life.

(Here, we will make a short presentation of each of the 12 Olympian gods and in other articles we will get to know other, secondary deities, too.)

Zeus: Lord of atmosphere, rain and thunder, king of all gods and humans. Zeus provides the required inner peace and strength that we need every day in our life in order to succeed in anything. As extreme weather events disrupt the harmony of nature, so do extreme or unexpected circumstances disrupting our minds and preventing us from going on our goals. Zeus can give you the inspiration that you need to control these events, to figure them out and use them for your own good.

Zeus is a personality that suits more those who appreciate quality more than they’d appreciate a long life and those who find themselves less interested in huge successes and instead prefer a dignified life and a dignified end. Zeus will attract the ones who are in positions of authority with great responsibilities and who need a strong ally and advisor.

Poseidon: If you like travelling by sea, if in your mind life and happiness coincide with sea and the power of water, then choose Poseidon in order to enrich your adventures with new emotions. Poseidon is a very charming deity for those who feel trapped in a boring life and are afraid to chase their dreams. He will inspire them to turn the fear of the unknown into a craving to face challenges. Finally, surrender yourself to the magic of the sea god if you find it hard to control your emotions.

Hephaestus is the god who will give you ideas, endurance in weariness and strength in character. Most people who identify themselves with him are involved in manual or dangerous work and those who face physical disabilities. His qualities are therapeutic to those feeling weariness and distress, to those seeking some piece of mind and to the ones who feel neglected or outcast by their environment.

Apollo is the god of artists and mainly musicians. He will inspire you to create something special, or to come up with an outstanding idea. Choose Apollo to simply progress in self-knowledge.

What about those who seek financial success?   Those whose ambition is to excel in trade and also for the ones who need to improve their communication skills? The right companion for them is definitely Hermes. Make sure you remember him at times when difficult situations require you to maneuver cunningly.

If you have chosen a life full of competitiveness or if you often encounter conflicts that you might be causing yourself, then, Ares is the god to turn to. No need to condemn yourself for your violent side. Just learn how to control it so that it can do good to you and to the ones around you.

Hera is a woman dedicated to family and its protection by any means necessary. She demands the respect that she deserves and doesn’t allow anyone to undervalue her. That said, she is the deity who can accompany you, who don’t let any ambition steal your attention from taking care of your family, but also for you feeling you need a more dynamic and realistic view of life.

Athena, Zeus’ daughter, is the goddess who will charm you if you have a broadened view on human nature and the meaning of life. For those women who don’t believe making a family is a prerequisite for happiness and for every person who finds the meaning of life is in intellectual creation, crafts and fair conquest. She will thrill anyone who is obsessed with justice and rationalism and those who perceive war and peace to be two sides of the same coin.

Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo. She is an independent female being, completely harmonized with nature. Like Athena, she is not busy with carnal pleasures, but enjoys hunting and strolls in mountains and forests. She is an excellent companion for those who believe that your freedom and independence are the highest ideals and for those who believe that your best companion is a dog and not a person. Choose her if you’re one of the persons who need patience, discipline and perseverance to achieve a goal.

Aphrodite is just perfect for you if you’re living a sullen life full of a dark thoughts and fears. Aphrodite will make you smile and will give you images of joy and beauty. She will also be a precious companion for those who center life on love and companionship. Her company will make you more graceful and joyful and will help you find new ways to become more attractive and desirable.

Demeter is the goddess of earth, fruitfulness and fertility and will suit those who live to serve others. To those who are happy when they offer and serve and who feel that the greatest reward is the happiness of their loved ones. To you the optimists, to you who a single smile can make your whole day. To you who are the custodians and trusted administrators of your families. The personality of the goddess will empower your role and strengthen you at times when you feel beat by all your effort and the care you offer. She also is very supportive to those who feel they don’t have any support, who feel unprotected and tired of constantly making it on their own.

Hestia is the goddess of home and family. A goddess for “homebodies”, for those who have their finest moments at home relaxing with family and spending their time upgrading their space and place. Honor Hestia if you feel happy about your home and family. Honor her if you feel moved by these small family joys and if you’re one of those who don’t understand how some people choose to live without family and their own home.


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